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ABOUT. is new, but the people have been in the industries for decades. is part of Smartrad Creative, and is aiming to help facilitate and produce sustainable and greener productions.

We are bring #sustainablesetdesign to Yorkshire. Setflats are offering solutions to Theatre, Television, Film and Live events for reclaimed and reusable scenery and props.

We have a large collection of scenery flats that can be hired, and reused, and reused and reused again and again. are saying ' Minimum to the skip! ' .

We aim to bring rental flattage to set construction teams and designer to allow standard default flattage to be hired and not built for the show then scrapped.

We have developed a modular system of TV and Theatre flats suitable for marquees events, double deck structures, events, hotels, walkways etc.

We haven't reinvented the wheel as scenic flats have been around for decades and centuries.

But we have looked to make an easy reusable system that will look great on each and every deployment.

Going forward - & Smartrad Creative are looking at a Yorkshire set reclamation, recycling and reuse facility, to allow productions, events, and shows to sustainably dispose of their sets and stages. - Watch this space!

Smartrad Creative was founded in 2020 by a set of event production managers and set builders who felt like they were just fabricating, producing and sending to landfill core scenic flattage due to the fast paced, short production cycles common to the Stage, Screen and Events sectors. The compliance aims of We are Albert, SIPA, Vision 2025 and the Theatre Green Book' has made us look to find better uses for the hundreds of tonnes of scenery created and lost to landfill every year.  


         core long term aims are:

  •  To create and facilitate a specialist reusable marketplace specific to the stage, screen & events sectors in England helping them to retain & reuse valuable resources.

  •  To raise the visibility and increase the availability of high-quality scenic items, providing fair access to all levels, creating a cascade high quality scenery from the largest commercial producers to the smallest community groups.

  • To responsibly and safely de-construct items that have reached the end of their usability ensuring all viable materials are retained for further use, whilst all residual waste is properly separated and sent to the correct industrial recycling stream, significantly reducing the volume of resources & materials    lost to landfill every year.

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