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Theatre, TV, Live Event -Scenery Recyling & Removals

We are in the process of developing a new warehouse facility in Yorkshire,  for storage reclamation and recycle of theatre, event, Tv and Film scenery and props.


Storage: We will hold in storage production sets from ANY show. Dry storage for drapes, props and costume. High bay storage for flattage and set elements.


Reclamation: We will collect your dismantled set and return it our warehouse. Here our team will reclaim the flattage into usable elements for rehoming and reuse on other productions. All set furniture will be  reclaimed for reuse to others.


Recycle: Any elements of set and props that really 'don't have another life' in their current form will be stripped back to raw components and sent to authorised recycle facilities.

How We Recycle

We have a drawn together a system for the removal of scenery from theatres, events, film studios.

We don't take it straight to landfill.

Setflats reclaim the sets and props to our reclamation centre.

Once offloaded any useful set pieces e.g. doors, windows, stock sized flattage, columns and any hardware such as hanging irons, castors, electrical components are removed.

The remaining scenery is then checked through into its constituent materials- metals, timber, scenic finishes and plastics.

Setflats work with certified recycling companies in the United Kingdom and these materials are then sent for recycling.

Timber is chipped and becomes biomass or timber products and mulch etc.

Plastics are made into pellets and reused for manufacturing all number of items in the plastic industry.

Metal is reclaimed and recycled.

Polystyrene is sorted, compacted and processed to become granulated plastic. 


On completion of your reclamation project a certificate of recycling will be issued on completion to certify our processes conform with

BS 8909 :2011  Specification for a sustainability management system for film.


Recycling and zero-to-landfill are the least bad options. REDUCE and Re-Imagine! #sustainablesetdesign @WeAreALBERT


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