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Set flats for Television, Theatre, Live Events






Tired of making set flats that end up in the skip?

Our default scenic flats are available in 3 sizes:

8’x4′  (2440mm x 1220mm), 8’x2′  (2440mm x 660mm) 

,8’x1′   (2440mm x 330mm)
2' (660mm) topper extensions available to make 10' flats.

These will create the foundations of all your set builds.

We construct these in the  studio method-

which is timber 'on-edge' to make for a sturdier set piece.

Stiff Battens, French Braces, Stage weights are all available for hire.

These dry hires are intended to be used by competent and experienced

construction set carpenters and crew for self-assembly. 

Our Scenic flats are delivered  in various options - either:

Option 1. Bare  timber as the default face       

Option 2. Used and painted (white) Ply faced

Option 3. Covered in Black Wool Serge         



Any paints or artworks must have a scenic covering to the ply wood face prior to painting.

We can also offer flats that can take a paint finish - and are supplied with a white prime coat.

These are recycled and reused flattage,

great for the flats that will be textured or covered by the art department.


Scenic flat
scenic flats
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